Sunday, June 8, 2014

Cheat CF Crossfire 9 Juni 2014 SynBoz 1.7

Cheat CF Crossfire 9 Juni 2014 want to give to you all today, especially for those of you who love the game of this call.
This is stuff you need to know, if not, you will miss information about playing CF to win a greater possibility.
Hi all my friends! Today we want to share the latest info about Cheat CF Crossfire 1.7 SynBoz of  9 Juni 2014.
CF Crossfire Cheat SynBoz 1.7 9 Juni 2014 is applicable to state
- Indonesia
- Rusia
- Brazil
- Phillipines

Features :
- Onehit Z.L.M
- No Recoil
- No Reload
- Aimbot (Headshot/Body) Work
- No Knock Back
- No Change Delay
- Spy Hack (F)
- Fast Knife
- Wallhack/See Ghost
- Crosshair
- Change Knife (Kriss,Dual Kukri,Kukri,BCX)
- Change Weapon Sniper M700
- Fly Hack
- Speed Hack

Before Using Cheat, You Expected Turn off Antivirus preemptively (Exp. Enters Into cheatnya CF +, It should really turn on Anti Virus Again)

Active cheat inscribed [Can], Cheat Off Inscribed [Not] feature that it can not be the Client erorr / DC

To Cheat OneHit ZLM activate when you play in the ZLM mode, Forbidden One Hit Using ZLM in while playing in Folders or Folder Ordinary Hero Zombie, Zombie Terminator etc., will result in Client erorr!

- Onehit Z.L.M
- Tidak ada Recoil
- Tidak Reload
- Aimbot (Headshot / Tubuh) Pekerjaan
- Tidak ada knock Kembali
- Tidak ada Perubahan Keterlambatan
- Spy Hack (F)
- Pisau Cepat
- Wallhack / Lihat Hantu
- Crosshair
- Perubahan Pisau (Kriss, Dual Kukri, Kukri, BCX)
- Ganti Senjata Sniper M700
- Fly Hack
- Speed ​​Hack

1. * This cheat Work on OS Windows 7 / Windows 8
2. Work to cheat in order to continue, please download "vcredist_x86"
3. Server still does not work just wait regular updates next cheat!

Above the first open way "SynBoz1.0" Once you open the injector
100% active Cheat, cheat marked "CrossFire Go Now"
Already be on the run Cheat CF Crossfire 9 Juni SynBoz 1.7

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