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Cheat LS Lost Saga 9 Juni 2014

This time post Newest Way Will Provide Latest Information Special Make Buddy Netter all about Cheat Lost Saga yakninya, 9 Juni 2014 Recent, may be Helpful yes Make Buddy All. and More Let's See below
[New] Lost Saga Cheat New, 9-6-2013

Cheat Lost Saga Gallery, 9 Juni 2014 - Cheat Lost Saga. Congratulations Night adattifa loyal readers, on this occasion I will update information about Lost Saga Cheat New edition 2013 to friends - friends who love to play games adattifa Lost Saga, so soon Direct taste buddy Cheat Lost Saga 9 Juni  Newest 2014.

Cheat Lost Saga

Anti Skill (Immune from Skill) | INSERT
Anti Hit (Immune from all attack / hit enemy) | HOME (not for playing CSD & DG)
No Reload (bullet Unlimited)
Unlimited Token
Exp Up $ 310 Fishing
Cadet Could War
Could Cadet PVP
Cadet Can select Legium etc.
Attack Up 50%
Damage Up 50%
Defense Up 50%
Crusader Mode Select (ALL folder easy, medium, hard)
Crusade Frezze
Dungeon Frezze
Power Up 50%
Reward Dungeon
Anti banned
Bonus Features:
Instant Mission Bonus + PERMANENT PESO PESO +7000
Instant Mission 100 Day Log (bonus Hero permanent)
INSTANT mission log 365 Day (Bonus hero permanent, 50,000 PESO)
Instant Mission 7 Day conected (Bonus 7000 PESO) - above the minimum Pangkan CADET
Open Cheat
Open the Launcher LS
ID input as usual
Star LS
Appeared some notice
When he appeared last notice (f10 On Intant Mission) Immediate right ON Press F10
After this quickly closed / click ok notice (written) Such.
Quest in the lobby appears, click ok / spaces all
Auto On Auto Save (Save + Exit Mission Atutomatic) so just stay logout
login again (repeat steps 1-10)
Make ROOM Crusade for voting room that easy, it can select the new room hard, medium / easy
Other Features Jump to Apply It
Download Cheat: No Password

Thus the information about Lost Saga Lost Saga Cheat New 9 Juni 2014 hopefully can help you

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