Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cheat Perjuangan Semut 11 Juni 2014 Terbang (melayang)

Okay sorry in advance who cheat do not work that time, but hopefully this time Cheat Perjuangan Semut 11 Juni 2014 working smoothly, because I've tried, and the result is successful ..
Here I give a tutorial cheat fly (float) in the fight game ants.

Perjuangan Semut
Nb: suitable for fog in the forest

How to activate the cheat after being in the Fog Forest.
1. Open Cheat Engine (CE) and the browser
2. At the time of the turn, first scan 1 in CE
3. Click on the +2 fire ants (or on the keyboard press the number 1)
4. 3 Fill in the CE and then next scan
5. Click again on the fire ants +2 (or press the number 1 on your keyboard)
6. 5 Fill in the CE and then the next scan will be 1 address is not moving to the left of the CE
7. Click 2 times to get down to the bottom
8. Change the value to 2 and then check the box for the active
9. turn at the next street just fly (to move by plane) some place higher then, wait a moment because the process will take place as LEG.
10. After the turn of the next friend, uncheck the active box in CE to normal not LEG

Taaaraaaa you will float in the air, bogey-free in the nip which runs under.

Nb: 1. This drifting technique is actually just move the hell up under a (vertical)
2. We must be quick to use this cheat, because we do not have a long enough time to use Cheat Perjuangan Semut 11 Juni 2014

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