Sunday, June 8, 2014

Cheat Perjuangan Semut 9 Juni 2014

Cheat Perjuangan Semut 9 Juni 2014 Admin again lately happy ya bro play games, games that end late this often is a struggle admin maenin ant, which is a game that can be played on facebook buddies online with a friend, buddy, pal pacara etc.. so ya pas-lah for nyantai nyantai.

Perjuangan Semut

But it feels less comfortable if not pakek cheat play games so admins try searching on google and found some cheat that still work and may still be my friend coba.Cheat admin who will share with all my friend who is a proven cheat still work and have tried admin , so my friend does not need to success will undoubtedly cheat, this cheat is admin and still trying to work on this in May 2013, so let cepet - fast pakek this cheat, before do not work anymore.

Cheat perjunagn admin ants will share the cheat to get 5 stars on the training pitch perjunagn ants, of course, not very fun, can get 5 stars on the practice field perjungan ants

This cheat is divided into 2, namely:

1. First

Cheat specifically for 2 practice fields, the Basic Training and exercise struggles. This cheat works by changing the value of agility and gain the buddy who wear armor, so it will generate boundless energy and can also die one time shot, cheat sometimes also be active in the struggle senditi session, the team struggles, and cloud forests, and admin itself had already felt it a few times, here's the proof.

2. Second

Cheat specifically for High Angel Exercise, Exercise Fly, And Exercise reflection, this cheat works by changing the number / value that was obtained in the exercise. okay maybe enough basinya bases, let's get started for download Cheat Perjuangan Semut 9 Juni 2014.

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